The Arduinna lab is a collective space for the development of projects related to electronics, hardware, computing and philosophy, open to the participation of the Calafita community and the rest of the galaxy.

Arduinna has a 40m2 space equipped with various tools useful for working with software and hardware. 3D printer, soldering machines, drilling machines and a discreet assortment of electronic components, programming boards and sensors.

Throughout the year the Arduinna laboratory welcomes artists, creators and researchers in short and long term residencies for the development of projects. If you are interested in a stay or residency, please contact us. 

On Fridays, the Calafita community gathers and opens the doors of Arduinna. Come to visit us any Friday, to share knowledge, to "tinker" with us, to consult opinions or to present your project. We are waiting for you on open Fridays.

Arduinna is the continuation of a Calafou's ether to which have contributed projects such as PechblendaBiolab, Hacklab and many others that since 2011 have passed through the colony.


Origin of the name

Arduinna is a Celtic Goddess protector of the Forests, especially of the Ardennes Forest. Revered in Gaul, her invocation gave her name to the Ardennes Region (Belgium, France and Luxembourg). She is represented riding on the back of a wild boar. She is the protector deity of the wild boars and by extension of all the animal life that resides in the forests. He demanded payment for animals hunted in her territories.


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