NODE Proposal

If you want to share a workshop, presentation, lecture or debate related to this topics:
Anti-patriarcal autonomous server &  Gynecological biolab
Let's GO! You can do it until the 28 of July

If you want to propose something like... exhibition, instalation or show videos, you can also.
If you want to propose a Performance, we remind you about the closing Cabaret: Trans-futuristic Cyborgs

Looking forward for your contents!

If you want to propouse more than one, is better to do it in different webforms. it's easier for us later process the information.
Necessary to organize the program of the week
Tell us wich language you will use in this propousal to get traduction, if you need it (maybe you are able to self-traduction) If you speak more than one wuold be cool if you can help to translate other activities.
night, afternoon, beffore 12 ¿?