Collective infrastructure

During these years, Calafou has stopped being a space in ruins to become a place of life with spaces for welcoming and accommodating visitors, new rehabilitated houses, workshops for productive projects and many common infrastructures. We are approaching the moment when Calafou will be collectively owned and we will be able to embrace new challenges for the future.

All this has been possible thanks to the economic investment of a few people, as well as the voluntary work of many more to start its reconstruction. Calafou is not only the project of the people who live there, but it is part of an infrastructure network of collectives and individuals who want to create new forms of sustainable living and production, which generate leaks from the capitalist system.


In spite of yearning for other economies, we still need money to carry out the project and that is why we would like to ask you who already know us, who have had the opportunity to visit us or hope to do so soon, you who for various circumstances cannot come to us but feel close to Calafou, you who won a lot of money in the casino or robbed a bank and feel like sharing your wealth, you and everyone else in general, to collaborate in the economic support of the project.

You can collaborate with us in various ways. You can make a one-time donation or a monthly subscription. Thanks to your help we will be able to continue improving Calafou and we will keep you informed about the advances through this website. Thank you very much!

Direct donations to the project via bank transfer:

Spanish State : Caixa d’Enginyers ES52 3025 0002 4614 3340 7974

Crowdfunding campaing

More infor comming soon…