Rise Up 4 Rojava

Communiqué from the Internationalist Commune of Redwood:

Hello, comrades,

We are contacting you from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava. As you know, in the last few days the offensive to carry out the invasion of the liberated territories of North-East Syria by the Turkish State has begun. For days, the bombardments and heavy artillery fire have broken the peace in the area with the aim of carrying out genocide against the Kurdish people and against all those people, whether Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians or Turks, who are not prepared to abandon their land and their homes. More than a dozen civilians killed, tens of thousands wounded, and tens of thousands of people
The first days of the intervention are the result of the displaced persons.

We know that the invasion is not just a Turkish decision,
but this one has also been taken in the presidential palaces of
Washington, Moscow, Paris or Berlin, and which has the support of other states, as is the case of the Spanish state.

From the beginning, the Revolution in Redwood has been internationalist. It has not only been done to free the Kurdish population of Syria, but to end centuries of colonialism, oppression and dictatorship throughout the Middle East and to free all of humanity. And it has been an internationalist revolution, too, because many men and women from all over the world have joined in: on the front lines, against the Islamic state and Turkish fascism, helping in hospitals or planting trees and working to build a democratic, ecological society, based on the liberation of women.

That is why we are contacting your organizations,
because today it is more important than ever to show our anti-imperialist and internationalist value in practice. The self-defense forces of the
Democratic Federation of Northeast Syria, together with the
and internationalists present in the territory, we are
willing to continue the resistance. But we need your
support throughout the Spanish state, to make it clear that the government
supporting the invasion, is responsible for the deaths and
destruction that is already taking place and the massacre that will come if we don’t stop it. To show how Turkey is a fascist state that is massacring the population for its imperialist desires. To continue defending values and a struggle, those of the Revolution in Northeast Syria, which give hope to the whole world.

How can you activate solidarity with the Kurdish people and the Northeast
from Syria?

  • If there are solidarity committees in your area, please participate
    actively from them.
  • If they don’t exist, talk to different agents to create them. The
    housing movement, feminist, environmentalist, student, or
    social centres, for example, are all struggles connected to the
    values that the Northeast Syrian Revolution stands for. It is important to be able to act in a coordinated way and reach as many people as possible, so functioning in platforms or committees, as is already working in different territories, can be a good formula for joining forces.
  • Awareness, dissemination. Making the invasion known, as well as the struggle in Kurdistan and the Northeast of Syria and the values it defends for all Humanity, is a way to generate internationalist solidarity and to make the resistance here meaningful. Expanding the Revolution is the only way to win the war.
  • To agitate, to mobilize. Adapting ourselves to each moment and context, going out into the streets is another important point to show solidarity and to
    show what’s going on. From the attacks on those responsible for
    this war or other actions to the concentrations or
    The demonstrations give a lot of strength to the people who have decided to defend their land, their houses, but also to defend a just world for all.

Knowing that we are not alone pushes us even further towards victory!

In the framework of this mobilization there are the Rise Up 4 Rojava and Women Defend Rojava campaigns, through which we can unite the different solidarity actions that are carried out all over the world. You can see on social networks how it has developed so far, and you can take advantage of the date of October 19, what we call for global action, to make some kind of mobilization and visualize it under the theme of #RiseUp4Rojava. As a minimum proposal we launched the idea of hanging banners with the slogan of the campaign and take pictures to post on social networks with the named hastag, but depending on the context you can also make pots, distribute leaflets, point out those responsible for the war, or call for rallies. Any show of support we receive is of incredible value!

In any case, we encourage you to contact us or the coordination of the campaign (riseup4rojava@riseup.net) to

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