In Calafou we want to promote productive projects in line with our values, such as social economy, cooperation, ecology, free culture or appropriate technology. All productive projects are coordinated through the project management area and are validated by the assembly.

Collective projects

(which profits go for the colony), autonomous projects (initiatives from a person or a specific collective), and collective spaces (which enable project development or are the framework for community life) all coexist in Calafou.

For more information, see the Calafou wiki

Productive Projects


More or less ephemeral research projects such as the plastic recycling project from the Motivadas por el plástico group, the 3D printing laboratory, the biolab for liquors and fermented products, or the mushroom laboratory, the Riendo Anoia biodiversity research project, the Calafou radio, the bookscanner and others that are already part of history… but also many others that are yet to come!

We want Calafou to be full of life and activity and we still have many spaces to rehabilitate and make use of, so if you have productive ideas, especially if they are in line with the visions of the project, you can contact us and come and meet us!