Program of the self-sufficiency days and CIC Assembly

Friday 6th April

Permanent Assembly and Formation

  • 17,00h Welcome
  • 5.30pm Permanent Assembly of the Integral Catalan Cooperative
    -> in parallel: Training session on the Integral Catalan Cooperative

(pending issues from last permanent)

Presentation of the work of nodes and work commissions.
Update of information about AureaSocial and presentation of the linked self-managed project of dental clinic.
Continuity of the commission of reception and basic income.
Info on the second anniversary + training days
Cooperative BUS. Second anniversary conference and possibility of continuity.
Presentation of the new website of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana.
More public.
Participation and co-organisation of the CIC in the X Fira Mediambiental i Ecològica, ECO SANT CUGAT 2012 (Alt Penedès)
“Tour to the CIC. Presented by LaFina, CIC’s promotion and financing activities commission (Carles Tell)

  • 21,00h Dinner


  • 10:00: Breakfast
  • 10:30-11:30: Emotional Ecology
  • 12-14:30 Thermal power centers (theoretical group 1)
  • 12-14:30 Self-construction infrastructures for Calafou (teòric)
  • 14:30 to 16hs: Lunch/Relax
  • 17-20 Thermal power centers (practical group 1)
  • 17-20 Fablab Talk (Antonio)
  • 17-20 Self-construction infrastructures for Calafou (practice)
  • 20:00: Presentation of the Calafou collectivized initiative project
  • 21:00: Dinner


  • 10:00: Breakfast
  • 10:30-11:30: Emotional Ecology
  • 12-14:30 Thermal power centers (theoretical group 2)
  • 12-14 Drill Workshop
  • 17-19:30 Thermal power centers (practical group 2)
  • 17-19 Drill Workshop (wicks)
  • 17-19:30 Talk Fablab Calafou (Didac)

21,00h Dinner

22,00h Circus


  • 10:30-11:30 third workshop on emotional ecology

Monograph of the 22nd Assembly Day. Development of tools to extend self-sufficiency, the network of resources in relation to self-sufficiency and the sovereignty of self-managed processes
Linking and developing strategic projects to Calafou and other CIC initiatives
Promote a WIKI-manual for self-sufficiency (WIKI d’autogestió.cat)
Create a stable working group for research and initiative networking (later coordination groups)
11h Start of the assembly day

15h Lunch

16,30h Plenary of conclusions

17,30h Evaluation of the conferences and next meetings

18h End

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