Launching new site!

We are coming to the end of a stage and setting up new challenges and future projections. That’s why we decided to renew our website, while technically, switching to WordPress after a few years using free software Drupal, it was time to reprogram code and try other options.

This website has a basic information structure, as we want to expand our virtual footprint and dissemination from other shared spaces, such as the collaborative documentation of the wiki. Even so, it will serve to publish news in a more agile way. We have saved old news items and incorporated them as an archive, also trying to translate them into the different languages, a job that we will finish over time.

Internally we have other tools and virtual clouds where we share resources and information, little by little we will integrate the parts that we want to make known. For the moment, we invite you to read and navigate through this new space, which is still under construction.

Convinced of the hacktivist ideas of appropriate technology and free knowledge, explain that we self-manage and develop mostly our technological activities but we are grateful that this web and our intranets are possible thanks to different free software projects that exist altruistically on the net. We would like to mention specially our digital antagonist friend projects, such as Riseup, Tachanka or Probeta.

You can also find the old website here :