Joint guarantees campaign

We are very excited to share a new stage of transformation that we will experience this coming year. This 2021, we will finish the purchase process and start an important work in the colony. The acquisition of Calafou as a collective property is conditioned by some arrangements that we agreed upon our arrival. We want to take advantage of the push to make the intervention of the works bigger and to dare to detach ourselves from the biggest rune hall of the complex, to knock it down and thus to free a great open space, that gives air and wings to the new generation and stage.

We attach some images of the planned project that we have carried out with the cooperative of architects Voltes.

Planned project

With this great intervention, part of the demolished building will be reformed and we will have a new multipurpose space to house new ideas, projects and events. A large green square will act as a sunny nerve centre attached to the rest of the areas that will follow the transformation. In addition, we want to finish at the same time with the purchase process of the whole colony assuring us a future with even more possibilities. This reform will contribute to continue improving areas and spaces to make Calafou more habitable and collective, so that you feel invited to come, to participate and to enjoy it.

The prospect of being the owner of cooperatives all over Calafou allows us to project much further and dare to make bets that until now only existed in a diffuse way. The values that drive us are those that have been guiding us for a long time: cooperativism, social transformation, collective and alternative spaces where life and self-management are put at the centre. To carry out these works we will have an economic expense that we will assume mainly the participants of the cooperative and related projects, even so we want to ask for the collaboration and confidence of all those who feel similar to us to support us in the form of social endorsement. That is why we are launching this campaign to obtain joint guarantees, an option that is consistent with the values that drive us.

Joint guarantees

We have asked Coop57, an ethical and solidarity-based financial services cooperative, for a loan to pay off the expense in a few years. To access the credit, we need people, cooperatives and associations that socially endorse our project, to guarantee the level of trust and rootedness we have, we need joint guarantees. These guarantees are based on trust, there is no need to justify the amount guaranteed with salaries or assets, and they are joint, each guaranteeing entity responds for the amount committed. If there are economic difficulties, the last resort is to resort to these guarantees, as we have different alternative solutions to face them, and at the same time we start from a viability study validated by coop57. Here you can see a summary.

With the commitment of the current inhabitants we have reached 50% of the amount to be guaranteed, but we still need to cover the other part. If you want to help us to guarantee the reliability of the project, guaranteeing the amount of between 500€ and 5,000€, you can access the document (pdf) through which you can sign your commitment, and send it to us, as we need the signed original. If you have any doubts, you can contact us and we will explain and accompany you in what you need. The deadline is January 31st!

The postal address where to send the documentation is as follows:

Colònia Calafou,
Camí de Calafou s/n. 08785 Vallbona d’Anoia,
Catalunya, Espanya

It is worth mentioning that we will make responsible use of the personal and tax data that we will receive and manage for this campaign, limited only for this purpose.


On the other hand, we are still in a permanent campaign of direct economic donations, which in these times are going to be especially helpful to face the expenses associated with the change of stage. If you want to make a donation, please read how to collaborate!

Here we link the documents of diffusion of the campaign (link) so that you can share with your related groups. We hope that this new phase will inspire you as much as we do and that we will soon be able to celebrate together.

Calafou is and will be a joint project! Thanks to all of you!