How to set up a feminist server with a home connection

We share a fanzine with the necessary steps to set up a standalone web server. This publication is the result of more than a year’s work both by la_bekka and by other collectives with whom we share the illusion of building an infrastructure that accompanies the construction of a transfeminist world. The idea of using our own equipment, reusing old parts and cables, taking advantage of cheap devices we could get our hands on, has a clear political foundation: we believe in technological sovereignty, in our capacity to build the Internet we want to inhabit.

For this reason, we propose a chronological tour of the assembly process. We thought of a modular guide, in different volumes, that would offer more agility when reading. For its printed version we chose the fanzine format because it referred us to the DIY culture and we liked the idea of bringing the spirit of desktop publishing to the technological world. The five parts of this fazine are: I. “A Feminist Infrastructure”, as an introduction; II. “Hello Machine!”, to install our operating system; III. “From machine to server”, to install Apache; IV. “Let’s secure our server”, with security measures and tips; and, V. “Our static web”, to learn how to use Jekyll.

Although it is true that the language of this guide is simple and the steps are given in detail, it is true that we need to have some previous knowledge of computers. At least we must have installed an operating system before. This is not to discourage those who do not know. Far from it! We just want to tell you to stay calm if things don’t work the first time, don’t get frustrated. You’ll just have to slow down and learn step by step.

Finally, we want to emphasize that there were many of us who dedicated our time and energy to this process. To all of them/us a huge recognition and gratitude for this contribution to the technological sovereignty of the transhackfeminist movement.

To read the guide online or download the fanzines to print visit: If you have any doubts or questions, please write to (GPG Id: 0xD47C2A1A064B0D97).