Please fill out the following form so we can prevent starvation from happenning during our meeting, and make sure everybody sleeps in decent conditions.
The data generated by this form will be deleted after the meeting.
We don't host often so many geeks at the same time, so please help us scale our infrastructure and bring with you:

  • plates, forks, knives
  • ethernet cables
  • power strips
  • switches
  • beamers
  • your pirate content to share
  • torch or front light

Please don't bring your dog as we have a lot of animals in Calafou already and it would surely be a source of conflict during the meeting.
If you want to help Calafou grow, have a look at our wishlist.
If you have any doubts or special needs, please get in contact with the Backbone409 organization team.

Meeting starts Saturday morning, so you might want to come on Friday night
Most people will probably leave on Sunday, but you might want to stay hanging out one day more.
To accomodate everybody please let us know your preferred option for sleeping. Calafou has pretty basic infrastructures, so think about it like if you were going camping. There are big dorms available with some matresses, but try to bring yours. The camping zone is very beautiful and the weather is perfect for camping. There is also a zone for vans and caravans.
Food is going to be vegan to eat all together. Please let us know if you have any additional limitations, allergies, intolerances, etc. As this webform is anonymous, you will also have to introduce yourself to the kitchen team on arrival.
Please let us know if there is any medical condition, pathology or weird stuff about you that we should be aware of (diabetes, narcolepsy, secret police, etc). If this form doesn't feel like a comfortable space, you can do it when you arrive.
Are you travelling with kids? If so, which ages? Are you up for shared child care shifts?
is this form for just one person, or more? If your group is made by people with different conditions, please fill out one form per person.
We imagine Backbone409 as a meeting between people actively building infrastructure projects. Leechers are tolerated but will not get the microphone.
Do you want to appear in the list of attending projects?
Which topics would you like to address: roundtables either with similar projects or interdisciplinary, debates from both a technical and political perspective, practical workshops and skill-sharing sessions, etc.